About Michael Wang (AKA mkwng)

Co-founder of Teleport. Formerly at Facebook, and Huge, and Odopod. Does design and code, among other things.

Lives with a shiba inu named Ichigo in Brooklyn, New York. Loves burgers, Chipotle, and his mom.

Hi there!

I made this website just for you.

Work Experience

  • 2009 Tightrope Interactive
  • 2010 Odopod
  • 2013 Huge
  • 2014 Facebook
  • 2015 Teleport

Partial Client List

I’ve worked in various roles as a design consultant for a wide variety of engagements, always with an emphasis on results.

Here are a couple organizations that I’ve had the privilege of calling clients.


Unfortunately, the specifics of engagements with Apple are confidential.

Might get in trouble if there are mentions that it was something to do with big touch screens.


Provided site architecture for early version of Google Play. Prototyped interactions and animations. Developed visual system.


Several projects with Sony for marketing landing pages for cutting edge projects.


Architected improved experience for Chase’s premium dining offerings. Prototyped interactions.


Initial site architecture and UX for their public facing website when they were redesigning in 2011.

Case Studies

Please email me for a closer look at some of the projects I've worked on.